15-Year-Old Shot 5 Times Saving 20 Classmates in FL High School Shooting

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A 15-year-old student’s heroic efforts are being praised for saving the lives of 20 people in the high school shooting in Parkland, Florida, Wednesday.

Anthony Borges, a freshman soccer player at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, is recovering in the hospital after he was shot five times while using his body as a shield to protect his fellow classmates from the bullets, the Daily Mail reported.

Expelled student Nikolas Cruz, 19, allegedly wounded Borges and killed 17 people in the shooting.

Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel visited Borges in the hospital Sunday, saying he was “honored” to visit the teenager:

“Fortunately, he is recovering, but has a long road ahead with more surgeries needed,” the Sheriff’s Office tweeted.

Carlos Rodriguez, Borges’s friend and fellow classmate, said the 15-year-old “took the initiative just to save his other classmates.”

Rodriguez said Borges placed his body between the bullets and his fellow students, allowing them to escape while he took bullets to his legs and back. He added that he would not be alive if Borges had not intervened.

Borges’s father, Royer Borges, told ABC News that his son called and told him he had been shot in the leg and back.

“He’s my hero,” Royer said of his son. “I only ask that people pray for him.”


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