In 1st Game Since Jerry Jones Threatened Anthem Protesters, Every Dallas Player Did 1 Patriotic Thing For Trump

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Trump’s right again. It literally never gets old. Trump says something. The media goes bonkers. The left goes crazy. The Hollywood crowd gets all full of phony outrage.

The full liberal show is on display: An onslaught of negative media attacks and personal hit jobs from cellar dwellers like Frederica Wilson.

They are relentless and obnoxious and get louder with each day until the person who “offended” their delicate sensibilities caves to their demands and apologizes and does the walk of shame.

It has never failed to bring their enemies to their knees. Because not many can handle all the negativity and lies and none can play the game as well as the corrupt media.

Enter Donald Trump. He has been beating the media at their own game for 30 years and he did not cower and cave and do the walk of shame as directed by our media overlords.

No, Trump goes on the attack. And wins. No one, and that includes his fans and the media, has ever seen anything like it.

Just kicking butt and taking names.

When he came out and said he wanted one NFL owner to take a stand and fire or bench the next player to protest the flag the whole liberal media complex exploded.

They ripped him for being a naïve bully and said he was a fool for even suggesting that tactic.

But Trump knows the first rule of negotiating – He who has the gold makes the rules.

So he knew it would work. He just needed one owner to take a stand.

And Jerry Jones did last week and said he would bench flag protesting players and guess what happened today.

According to the Dallas Morning News, all Cowboy players stood and honored the flag, most with their hands over their hearts.

One player, David Irving, raised his fist but only after the entire anthem had been completed. Not during the anthem just as Jerry demanded.

By contrast 7 San Francisco players who did not get an ultimatum took a knee.

Proving Trump is right again and now all the NFL needs to do to save itself from ruin is to follow Jerry Jones’ lead.

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