Applebee’s Manager Tells Veteran His $300 Bill Has Been Paid For – The Generous Gift Was a Total Shock to Everyone

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Military servants deserve nothing more than to always be greeted as honorable guests at any given event. This is not only due to the fact they selflessly serve our country, but it is also due to the fact that they put their lives on the line and actually get hurt or worse while on a mission. For every patriot out there, this certainly is a topic that will trigger a wide range of mixed emotions.

When it comes to comebacks, Scott Stranne’s homecoming was something worth discussing. The 21-year-old veteran recently came back from his deployment in Afghanistan.

In wake of Veterans Day, he and a few other members of his motorcycle club went out for a celebratory luncheon at a local Applebee’s restaurant in Lacey, Washington.

However, little did Stranne know, they were being closely watched by people sitting at the next table.

Once the check was called, Applebee’s manager told Stranne their $300 bill was paid by the couple seated next to their table. Everyone at the restaurant was left breathless at the generous gesture.

Stranne said the bill was quite big to be only considered a gift. “I could see someone buying a meal or a drink, but $300 is quite a bit, it paid for the whole party,” he explained.

As a result, Stranne wanted to know who the couple that treated them so nicely was. He tried looking them up on Facebook and even shared a post in hopes to find his answer.

General manager Natasha Conners would not provide any details on the couple. Then the media joined in on the search. The reason?

“Because we never got the opportunity to properly thank them,” he said.

“It gives everyone faith in humanity,” he pointed out. “Everyone at that table had a slice of humility that night.”

Another story of a different soldier explains how a veteran and his wife went out to celebrate his return home at the  Roadhouse in Orange Park, Florida. His wife, Courtney Adams told outlets that her husband Lee had just returned home from Germany, much to everyone’s surprise.

Courtney and her husband were beyond thrilled, so Texas Roadhouse wanted to treat them properly and got them a table…and then some.

Texas Roadhouse surprised the soldier and his wife with a wonderful party cake, painted in red, white, and blue, reading “stars and stripes forever.”

By the end of the party, Courtney asked for the bill and was shocked to learn they had ‘zero’ dollars to pay.

Texas Roadhouse decided to cover all costs of the party, thus honoring the veteran and celebrating his return home at the same time. Instead of the guest name, the bill had the words “welcome home” typed out. Wow, isn’t that something?

Everyone deserves some form of kindness, and when it comes to our soldiers and veterans, the kindness needs to multiply.

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