Armed Robber Gets Smoked By Three Armed Taco Bell Employees

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De’Carlo Jackson Was Gunned Down By Taco Bell Employees While Trying To Rob The Store

Cleveland, Ohio – Three Taco Bell employee opened fire on a pair of masked, armed robbers and killed one, shooting him six times.

De’Carlo Jackson entered the Taco Bell at 2:45 AM Sept. 6 with another armed accomplice and demanded at gunpoint that the employees get on the ground. Three employees got on the ground and the two robbers walked up to the cash register, according to

Then three other Taco Bell employees pulled out their own guns and fired several shots at the two armed robbers. Jackson was killed while the other robber ran out of the restaurant.

Police found Jackson unconscious with a faint pulse lying face-up on the floor with a loaded gun still in his right hand, according to the police report. He died after an ambulance took him to the hospital.

Jackson had three convictions for attempted drug trafficking since 2012, according to

“Whatever the corporate rules are, in terms of a criminal prosecution, they all have a right to act in self-defense if they reasonably believe they’re facing a threat of imminent death or bodily harm,” said Jonathan Witmer-Rich, Associate Professor at Cleveland Marshall College of Law, according to News 5 Cleveland TV station.

“The company running the place may have a policy about whether they want their employees armed or not armed,” Witmer-Rich said. “People are entitled to defend themselves under the law, and if they use deadly force that’s legally justified.”

News 5 Cleveland reported a statement from Taco Bell.

“Taco Bell and Sigma Bell, LLC., the franchise owner of this Cleveland, Ohio location, are shocked this happened at the restaurant,” the statement said. “Our franchisee is fully cooperating with the Cleveland Police Department in their investigation. The employees are very shaken up from today’s events, and our franchisee is offering them counseling.”

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