BREAKING: Kathy Griffin Just Lost Her Last Hope – You Won’t Believe What Happened To Her Moments Ago! | Breaking News, Latest News

BREAKING: Kathy Griffin Just Lost Her Last Hope – You Won’t Believe What Happened To Her Moments Ago!

Because of a national controversy surrounding comedian Kathy Griffin and a recent photo she shared of her holding a bloody Donald Trump mask, her show at Napa’s Uptown Theatre on June 17 has been cancelled.

The Uptown was the last of at least seven venues to cancel shows that were part of her “Celebrity Run-Ins” tour.

When asked whether the venue canceled the show or if Griffin canceled, Erica J. Simpson, executive director of Uptown Theatre Napa, said that she couldn’t comment.

The Uptown Theatre posted on their Facebook page on Wednesday that they do not endorse or condone statements or actions by any performers, but the business said that it did not have any plans to cancel the show at that time.

“While there is a lot of talk on social media in regards to the situation, we have heard from very few of the actual ticket holders,” the post reads. “Most of our calls have been scripted calls from out of state.”

The theater announced on Facebook that Griffin’s show was cancelled and all of the ticket holders will receive a full refund.

The theater’s message that the show would go received mixed responses from locals on social media.

Some of the negative comments read:

“Rot in hell Kathy with the rest of the Nazi left!”


Former Napa resident Richard Kirkpatrick said that Griffin shouldn’t perform at the Uptown because it would “make Napa look bad.”

Kirkpatrick said that although Griffin has had her funny moments, she is overall “not very funny” and that the photo was disrespectful. If the Uptown chose to let her perform, he said, then it would look like Napa doesn’t care if someone “spews” hate for an American president.

“It’s not art like she is trying to say to justify her actions,” Kirkpatrick said. “Beheading … any American is not funny at all no matter who it is and condoning it is wrong.”

Many of the people who called for the show to be cancelled threatened to boycott the Uptown Theatre or protest during the show.

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