GREAT NEWS! Trump’s New Approval Ratings Are About To Leave Liberals SPEECHLESS | Breaking News, Latest News

GREAT NEWS! Trump’s New Approval Ratings Are About To Leave Liberals SPEECHLESS

Despite all the arranged protests and media bias, President Donald Trump is successfully convincing the American people that he is doing the job they elected him for, reports Western Journalism.

Politico/Morning Consult released a new poll which shows that after roughly one week in office, 49% of those polled approve of President Trump’s first days as president while 41% disapprove. Also, the poll showed that 49% give Trump a favorable rating while 44% rate him as unfavorable.

Gallup released a poll on Saturday which showed 51% of those polled disapprove of Trump’s first week as president. Gallup’s daily tracking poll showed that Trump began office with a 45% disapproval rating.

Rasmussen Reports also released a daily tracking poll showing that as of Wednesday, 53% of Americans surveyed approve of Trump’s work. All of this has just proven that President Donald Trump has followed through on his campaign promises which definitely gain the support from the American people.

Vito Glazers, a Chicago Internet entrepreneur, said that he does not want America to end up in a place where political correctness is being used against our country in order to destroy it. He also added that Trump’s most recent executive order halting immigrants from seven Muslim-majority countries was necessary. Glazers concluded that the nation can only absorb those willing to become absorbed into American society.

Glazers said that he does think that the biggest problem with the Muslims that are coming to America is that the culture is not a culture of assimilation but of domination and that any devout Muslim believes that Sharia Law should be implemented in the United States.

The Internet entrepreneur joked that if America was in the middle of a zombie apocalypse, the left would find a way to protest for zombies rights pointing to the fact that liberals protests about everything.

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