OH BOY! Mike Ditka Just WENT OFF About NFL Protests And Told The TRUTH That Most Are Afraid To Say

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Former Bears coach Mike Ditka isn’t known for biting his tongue on political issues, but this time he made jaws drop across the country!

Ditka appeared on Westwood One’s Monday Night Football pregame show with Jim Gray before the Vikings-Bears game. It was supposed to be a standard pregame hit before the game, but it didn’t exactly go as planned.

Ditka shared his feelings about NFL players disrespecting our flag and he didn’t hold back one bit!

“I don’t see all the social injustice that some of these people see,” Ditka said late in the interview.

“There has been no oppression in the last 100 years that I know of. Now maybe I’m not watching it as carefully as other people.”

“I don’t think it’s the stage for protests, I’m sorry,” he said

As Ditka continued, there was one statement he made that has the liberal media losing their minds…

“Yes, I don’t care who you are, how much money you make,” Ditka said. “If you don’t respect our country, then you shouldn’t be in this country playing football. Go to another country and play football. If you had to go somewhere else and try to play the sport, you wouldn’t have a job. … If you don’t respect this flag and this country, then you don’t know what this is all about. I would say, adios.”

Asked about Muhammad Ali and Jesse Owens — and others — taking a stand for social justice, Ditka said:

“I don’t know what social injustices [there] have been. Muhammad Ali rose to the top. Jesse Owens is one of the classiest individuals that ever lived. Is everything based on color? I don’t see it that way. You have to be color blind in this country. You have to look at a person for what he is and what he stands for and how he produces — not by the color of his skin. That has never had anything to do with anything.”


Dika went on too say that he thinks that their is opportunity for everyone, no matter what race you are. 

“If you want to work, if you want to try, if you want to put effort in, you can accomplish anything. And we have watched that throughout our history of our country.”

he also had a suggestion of how to really make a difference without disrespecting our men and women in uniform.

“You have a ballot box, you have an election. That’s where you protest. You elect the person you want to be in office. And if you don’t get that person in office, I think you respect the other one. Period.”


Amen Mike Ditka!

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