Right As Mike Pence’s Son Gets Married, Democrat Does Something Totally Unhinged

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Democrats are so negative they try to ruin everything and make it about them. Vice President Mike Pence’s son Marine Corps. Second Lt. Michael Pence planned a marriage ceremony to Sarah Whiteside on Saturday and one Democrat activist and local school board member could not handle it.

Sue Wazner took to Facebook on Wednesday to complain about the ceremony, which was to take place in a local Indiana park, saying it would disrupt regular park operations. She posted:

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The bizarre, mean-spirited post had no basis in reality. The ceremony was to be extremely small and private, and the park’s property manager stated: “The fact that the vice president will be here will not impact our regular visitors.”

Michael Pence and Sarah Whiteside were married in December of last year during a legal ceremony, which would accommodate the marine’s travel schedule. The event Saturday will be a ceremonial celebration of their nuptials.

Mike Pence’s daughter, Charlotte Pence, posted a picture of the happy couple during their legal ceremony last year:

Sarah Wanzer has still not deleted her original Facebook post. The Democrats can be mean-spirited all they want, but we’re going to stay positive, SHARE this story, and wish the happy couple a wonderful ceremony and a long, loving, marriage!

(h/t Washington Examiner)

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