Right After Vegas Massacre, Police Just Caught ISIS Doing Something TERRIBLE In New York

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Thank God for our brave men and women in law enforcement. They just managed to prevent another horrific tragedy similar to the Las Vegas massacre but this time in New York City.

The NYPD counter-terrorism force found out about a series of coordinated mass shootings in New York City that Isis was about to carry out.

The police discovered that Canadian citizen Abdulrahman El Bahnasawy, 19, and Talha Haroon, a 19-year-old US citizen residing in Pakistan were the selected gunmen.  Philippine citizen Russell Salic was chosen to wire the funds to him from one of the Islamic State’s many bank accounts in the Philippines.

Luckily for the people of New York, the plan fell apart when El Bahnasawy texted an undercover agent,'[W]e seriously need a car bomb at times square… Look at these crowds of people!’

El Bahnasawy is now in police custody and has pleaded guilty to federal terrorism charges. The other two are still waiting to be extradited.

While not all attacks are preventable, it’s good to know that the people protecting us ARE being successful many times in stopping major terror attacks. Share this everywhere so Americans know we ARE safe.

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