After Trashing Our President, The Puerto Rico Mayor Just Got SLAPPED With Ultimate Karma

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Puerto Rico’s governor has now launched an investigation into food and water supplies after Hurricane Maria. If you remember, the only thing that the San Juan Mayor brought to Puerto Rico was TV crews.

Ouch. Governor Ricardo Rosello then promised that there will be “hell to pay” for any mishandling of supplies after the hurricane.

Rosello said that 65-75 percent of drinking water has been restored.

“We’re still, obviously, needing to do more. So, for example, we know we’re delivering food to all of the municipalities, and water. There were some complaints that that water in some places was not getting to the people so I ordered an investigation,” Rossello told the network. “If there is a place, a locality that is not delivering food to the people of Puerto Rico that need it, there’s going to be some hell to pay.”

It would seem that he is referring to the San Juan mayor who didn’t even have the decency to meet with federal officials over Hurricane relief efforts, said Daily Wire. This woman is a DNC doofus.

Get this out there if you are glad that she is finally gonna get her due!

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