Trump voter arrested after intentionally ramming car into construction flagger

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A man with the vanity license plate “TRUMP1” was recently arrested for intentionally ramming a construction flagger with his vehicle and then driving away.

Robert Frese, 61, is being charged for three felonies that state he intentionally hit a construction flagger and then sped away.

Fire Chief Steve Achilles described the incident as a “low-speed” hit that knocked the flagger to the ground on Aug 8. The flagger had been attempting to inform Frese that the road was closed. When he turned his back, Frese hit him.

As of Monday, Frese is being held on charges of first-degree assault, reckless conduct, and conduct after an accident that caused personal injury. He is being held without bail due to the fact that he was already under bail conditions requiring good behavior.

The flagger sustained minor injuries, but was pronounced to be in “stable condition.”

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