VIDEO: Officer Risks Life To Taser Bat-Wielding Suspect – Taser Fails – Ends In Shooting

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Video: Evansville Police Shooting Of Ricky Ard

Evansville, IN – Evansville police department have released video of an officer-involved shooting of a man armed with a bat (video below.)

The incident began Tuesday when Ricky Ard, 55, needed to be escorted out of the federal courthouse after ranting about the government.

Ard returned with a baseball bat and started smashing courthouse windows, injuring a federal security officer with flying glass, according to WTHR.

The man walked away from the building as officers came outside. Ard then turned around and began going towards the officers who had their guns drawn.

It seemed that Ricky Ard was sealing his fate, going after a line of armed officers while armed with a baseball bat.

Then an Evansville police officer made a last-ditch effort to stop Ard before he forced officers to shoot. The Evansville officer came up behind Ard and fired his Taser, which had no effect.

Ard immediately turned and charged the Evansville officer with the bat raised, forcing the officer to open fire to stop him.

Evansville Police Sgt. Jason Cullum said that while the investigation is ongoing, it appears that the officer acted appropriately to defend himself.

Tasers have an extremely high failure rate, not because of any defect, but the nature of how the weapon works. In order to successfully lock up a person’s muscles, two probes need to penetrate to the person’s skin. The probes need a large spread or they will be ineffective. If one of the probes doesn’t connect, or the fragile copper wires break, then the Taser will be ineffective.

Using a Taser to confront somebody who is armed with a deadly weapon is exceptionally dangerous.

This officer put his life at risk in an attempt to save Ard, and even though the attempt wasn’t successful, he’s a hero.

Unfortunately, even though this officer risked his life to use a Taser against a man armed with a deadly weapon, the Facebook mob is criticizing him for not shooting Ard in the legs.

It seems that among the anti-police crowd, there is no such thing as a justified officer-involved shooting.

Watch the shooting video below and then  let’s spread the word on social media that this officer is a hero.

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